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My journey to better health and what I have learned along the way


This blog was inspired by an incredible transformative journey to better health, which I had embarked on  in 2013.

I hit 30 that year and my health took a turn for worse. It had been probably in the making for quite a while but that year it I reached a tipping point. I developed insane period pains and was diagnosed with endometriosis and fibroids. I had three large blood-filled cysts on my right ovary of which doctors told me would only shrink after menopause. They recommended me to undergo surgery and/or take contraceptive pills to eliminate my periods. My gut instinct didn’t like either. Instead I took to the internet and started researching.

Endometriosis was the final item on a list of less obvious and less annoying problems of which I was trying to be in denial for many years. I was suffering from hair loss from the age of 14, my first symptoms of hormonal imbalances presented in my early 20s, I was a chronic insomniac (spent four years taking sleeping pills before I reached the age of 25) and together with the cysts on my ovaries I also developed terrible cystic acne on my face.

Since then, I totally transformed my health and my life. I changed my life style from bottom to top. I changed my diet based not the Wahls Protocol. I took up transcendental meditation, which helped me to release a load of emotional trauma – a result of having been born into a heavily dysfunctional family. I started healing on all levels of my being – physical, mental, social and spiritual.

The gynaecologists don’t want to see me anymore because my cysts disappeared, my skin looks great and my sleep has improved immensely.

There is a lot of research which backs the notion that we do have more power over our health and wellbeing than we think. Unfortunately, the mainstream medicine doesn’t recognise these shifts just yet (I was told by my doctor that diet will do nothing for my cysts).

On this blog, I want to share not only my personal experience, but also the experiences of others, who have been on a similar journey with similarly impressive results. And trust me, there are many such people.

Since I am a science journalist by background, I will also try to share some interesting bits of research that back what I have experienced on my own skin.

My life is all about health these days but my understanding of health is very broad. I base my approach to health on four pillars. There are two pillars for physical health – nutrition and physical exercise – which are both necessary to keep the body happy, healthy and young.  Then there is taking care of one’s mind through meditation and other self-work techniques since stress and unprocessed trauma are the major contributors to ill health. The fourth pillar is caring for the environment since without a healthy planet we won’t be able to sustain our health.

I believe we all deserve to achieve our full potential in life but for that we need a healthy body and a healthy trauma-free mind. Join me on my journey and if you feel inspired, get in touch.

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