First, thanks to everybody who has commented on my yesterday post. It’s encouraging to see that there are real human beings reading my blog and not just bots.

I am realizing that I risk overdoing it by posting two days in a row but I want to elaborate a little bit on the reasons why I feel so hopeless and disempowered lately.

As I said yesterday, I have been quite strongly affected by the Jeffrey Epstein horror. It’s the type of situation when suddenly, things you have heard about in conspiracy theories, show up to be real. The rottenness, sociopathy and obvious malignant narcissism of the rich and powerful, the way they work together in an organized fashion to exploit the less fortunate and flip the narrative in their favor just gives me chills.

I believe that anyone who has been through the narc/sociopath psycho shredder can see very clearly the textbook signs of who these people are. It is extremely painful to realize how long have they been able to flip the narrative, gaslight, smear the victims and manipulate the public.

Is anyone who has ever dealt with narcissists and psychopaths really surprised that they are ’empathically denying all the allegations’, as has been repeated multiple times in the media? Does anyone who understands this stuff really think that Prince Andrew, the horrible Maxwell woman or the Derschowitz freak would humbly admit to their crimes, show remorse and submit themselves to whatever punishment deemed fit for them? Everyone who’s ever dealt with this knows that narcs and sociopaths lie, that’s what they do. There is no way to have a narc or sociopath admit the truth and their guilt unless they have a way to blame someone else. They are all about appearances. They are all about status, they are all about themselves. They have zero consciences and zero empathy.

Just look at the Maxwell woman. With all the testimonies implicating her, she smugly poses for pictures, no big deal. She clearly isn’t too concerned about what’s going on – of course, sociopaths are well known for not really suffering from stress and fear. And with all her entitlement, she seems to expect that it all will work out for her again, as it always does (vomit, vomit, vomit).

I mean this is a daughter of a fraudster (clearly a daddy’s girl), who jumped from one wealthy guy to another, no big deal.

Then you have the so-called respected Harward law Professor Derschowitz. A guy, who apparently made a name by getting rich rapists and murderers off the hook. He seems very smug about it. Lying to the public is not a crime, he says.

It really worries me that someone who appears to have such a loose relationship with the truth enjoys any sort of public respect. Watching his attempts to character-assassinate Epstein’s victims, namely Virginia Roberts, who had named him among the men she had been lent to for sex, brings only one word into my mind – a malignant gaslighting narcissist. Of course, according to the D guy, Virginia is a compulsive liar who is after money, a bad mother, a questionable character and made a voluntary decision at 15 to become a prostitute, her problem. (Of course, that’s the typical narcissistic flipping of the narrative, a guy who thinks that to lie to people is OK is accusing someone of being a compulsive liar, why is anyone listening to him?)

What worries me is that so many people who don’t understand sociopaths and narcissists would entertain the possibility that these people (the M woman, the D freak and prince A), might be telling the truth.

We all know what D is trying to achieve, right? He wants to gaslight her. She will not be able to produce the exact dates of their encounters (honestly, look back a couple of years ago and tell me what day and month it was when some significant things happened in your life. I would not be able to do that and I doubt that Virginia at that time was carefully recording these things). So the D freak, a master of gaslighting, will try to persuade her that maybe she doesn’t remember correctly, right? Maybe, because she doesn’t remember the dates, maybe she mistook him for someone, right? And the crazy thing is that there will likely be people who will trust him. It reminds of the insanity that the Italian inquisitors (oh sorry, prosecutors) did to Amanda Knox.

Looking into this guy’s background, you see a forest of red flags. His first wife apparently committed suicide after he destroyed her during the divorce and persuaded the judge to grant him custody of their children. The children corroborated his story, but does that surprise anyone? Narc parent manipulating children against the other parent? Textbook. There had been allegations that he had been violent towards his wife but at the end, she came out of it as the unstable nutcase – does it ring any bells? Oh yes, it does. She didn’t have a clue who she was married to. He, in my opinion, likely covert aggressively hammered all her buttons, smeared, gaslighted, lied, manipulated, flipped the reality just like he is trying to do with Virginia Roberts.

I mean here we are getting such a terrifying insight into the minds of the ruling so-called elites and it makes me feel totally helpless.

You call them out and they sue you for defamation and might actually win because the justice system is so crooked and really geared to protect these people (vomit, vomit, vomit).

Anyone thinks that this is just an exception and that otherwise our world is governed by goodie guys who have the best interest of all of us at heart?

I have myself been in a situation when someone mistreated me and when I complained to a so-called ‘ethics’ authority, I was accused of ‘making unfounded allegations’ (flip it around intimidate the victim, don’t bother with facts, it works).

I absolutely don’t agree with Melanie Tonia Evans and all the other narc preachers who claim that narcs are powerless as long as you heal your triggers. They are not powerless, they run the world. These people, who should be absolutely shunned by society, in fact, very efficiently achieve that the society shuns their victims.

Anyone has ever had a flying monkey or an enabler of the narcissist in your life come to you, apologize and say that they now see the reality for what it was? It certainly has not happened to me and I doubt it ever will. People hate to face their guilt. Even if they are not narcs.

People are naive and uneducated in the matters of the narcissist and sociopath psychology and that only leads to more and more victimization.

I think life gets more difficult when you really get to understand narcissism and sociopathy. When you really fully embrace that you are dealing with people that have no consideration for others. When you learn to see their behaviors for what they are but are helplessly standing by watching others buying that crap.

I would love to have faith and hope for this world but I am finding it increasingly difficult. Anyway. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think there is any hope for this world? Can we ever eradicate malignant narcissism and sociopathy? This cancer of human society? What would have to happen? Right now, it feels to me that we only can hope that there is some justice after death. But is there?