So you have been discarded. Maybe you still have no clue that the inexplicable end of the once seemingly perfect relationship was due to the fact that the perfect relationship was not what it appeared to be. You yet have to discover that you have been taken for a ride by a narcissist – a person with a serious disorder that is incapable of maintaining relationships.

You don’t understand anything. One half of you pulled towards the narcissist, the other half pulled away. You are trying to comprehend how the prince charming could have become so cold and indifferent towards you. You are blaming yourself.

The aftermath of a narcissistic relationship is tough. It certainly was tough for me. I thought I might lose it. The rejection and abandonment trauma of my childhood stirred by the narcissist’s withdrawal, all sorts of emotions pouring to the surface from the depths of my body. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep.

I was always into yoga, meditation and eastern philosophy. But what I was doing was not helping. Then I had a life-saving idea – I want to learn transcendental meditation. I started meditating twenty minutes twice a day and some unbelievable things started happening. I still had a long journey to go and a lot of things to comprehend but despite all the pain and struggle, the journey became sort of enjoyable. I was healing at a very fast pace. Not only from the narcissist but from all the madness of my childhood.

Meditation is not a panacea, there is a lot of cognitive work to do as well, but it’s a very powerful tool that will help you connect with your true self and gradually remove all the blockages, defence mechanisms, false beliefs and faulty patterns of behaviour that stand between you and your perfect life.

In the video below, I explain why it is a good idea to take up meditation when you are ripped apart by the narcissist – it’s probably the best healing opportunity that you will get in your life.


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