Narcissists create false realities. It’s how their disordered minds operate. They live in a world of projections. If you were in a relationship with a narcissist, you went from the perfect goddess on the pedestal (a narcissist’s projection) to the less than garbage crazy unstable person that can’t get over him (again a narcissist’s projection). Neither of the two was or is really you. The same if your parent is a narcissist, you have been assigned a role, this role is a projection of a disowned fragment of the narcissist’s mind and has nothing to do with you. The narcissist doesn’t see you as the human being that you are.

The problem is that the narcissist infects with this false reality of his or hers the entire social environment that the two of you share. Everyone the two of you know together is fed the narcissist’s version of you. They don’t even think to question that and simply relate to you as to the person the narcissist’s disordered mind has created.

This is extremely difficult and very painful. The flying monkeys don’t believe you when you tell them that the narcissist is actually disordered because they are fed the narcissist’s loving kind awesome false self. They outright dismiss you and invalidate you and essentially further psychologically abuse you. If you get angry or emotional, you only confirm the narcissist’s version of reality – you are of course unstable…

So how do you deal with the flying monkeys? What do you do when their hurtful behaviour is triggering you so that it all stops backfiring against you?

I explain more in the video below:


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