Our emotional reactivity is the biggest weapon a narcissist is using against us. Our emotional reactivity, our emotional reactions, are essentially the bullets that we keep handing over to the narcissist to shoot us with.

It’s important to understand that the narcissist is not confused or just angry – he or she is manipulative. He or she wants us to react. He or she is doing everything deliberately. He is hiding his deranged mind behind a calm and composed persona. He or she is passive and covert aggressively hammering our triggers to make us react, to make us look crazy, to shift blame onto us.

In this video, I explain all that you need to understand and internalise to really make this shift in your understanding.

If you want to beat a narcissist, you need to think like one. You must develop the ability to act strategically.

I share a couple of techniques that might help you get your emotional reactivity in check so that we can stop losing in the battle with the devil.



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